Businesses Owned and Operated by Women are Thriving in Las Vegas

Entrepreneurs' Organization Las Vegas Welcomes Growing Female Membership.

LAS VEGAS, April 15, 2019 -- The Entrepreneurs' Organization Las Vegas chapter is celebrating the dramatic presence of female business leaders within its membership ranks. The Las Vegas chapter of the global business leadership network now counts women among 20 percent of its members. These groundbreaking and successful elite-level professionals are diverse in age, ethnicity and background, reflecting not only their consumer base, but an evolving marketplace.

"The results show what we've known all along," said board member Rhiannon Andersen. "Las Vegas is an environment that encourages and fosters economic growth. The statistics are a positive sign, but we still have a long way to go. As an organization that brings business leaders together, we recognize the value of women in high-level positions. We believe there is no limit to their presence in executive-level roles."

Entrepreneurs' Organization fosters success and learning among business leaders regardless of gender, race or religious background. The Las Vegas chapter is part of a global network that helps leading entrepreneurs succeed and expand their business through peer-to-peer learning, unique experiences and access to experts in their respective fields.

The West Regional division of Entrepreneurs' Organization is celebrating 17 percent women membership while its global statistics show 14 percent women membership.

"Las Vegas is setting an example for others to follow," said Andersen. "The business world is very competitive, but we're fortunate to have resources like the Entrepreneurs' Organization, in which our individual members are extremely supportive of one another."

Entrepreneurs' Organization includes the following women among its Las Vegas chapter membership ranks:

Rhiannon Andersen, Steelhead Productions (

Katrina Burrus, MKB Excellent Executive Coaching (

Holly Cowden, Star 1 Personnel (

Theresa Fette, Provident Trust Group (

Diana Legisima, Ship My Orders (

Reyna Nebeker, Cherry Lash (

Cinthia Petersen, Southwest Motivators (

Carrie Simpson, Managed Sales Pros (

Krupa Srinivas, Owned Outcomes (

To qualify for membership, applicants must be the owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business earning a minimum of $1 million in the most recent fiscal year. Venture-backed companies must have a minimum of 10 employees and either privately-raised funds of at least $2 million or publicly raised funds of at least $5 million. Visit to learn more and apply online.



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Rhiannon Andersen

Chapter President